Weekend Camping Tips

Weekend Camping Tips

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Camping is loved by people of all ages who desire some recreation in life. Whether a weekend trip or an adventure, camping offers people an opportunity to live and enjoy a simple life isolated from the busy crowd.

If you are planning a camping trip, you must be known to the fact that you are going to be exposed to nature and wild. More of all the most important thing about camping is you must be prepared for it. Here are certain things that should be remembered if you are going camping.

Pack all the necessities

Whether it’s a single day trip or more, you should take all the necessary things along. Make sure you have the basic things required for a proper camping; for example, tent, food, water, season-based sleeping bag, lighter, proper clothing and other materials that you feel would be necessary. If it’s winter time don’t forget to pack along warm clothes.

Keep First Aid Kit

As you are going to the wilderness, you must go prepared. Some may get unwell or there might certain accidents, so you should always take along a first aid kit containing all the medicinal accessories such as medicines, bandages, antiseptic lotion, sprain spray, anti-venom ointment, etc. The first aid kit should also work as survival kit during the emergency, so add along few eatables, tissue, torch, GPS and lighter.

Don’t be lost

If you are going with friends, always stick together because if anybody gets lost, the whole weekend will turn into a nightmare. In case children and pets are going along, take extra care not to let them wander off alone. Always carry a GPS or mobile phone. If needed keep a notebook with all important contacts.

Maintain hygiene

The wild is full of bugs, insects and poisonous plants, so try to maintain distance from those. Don’t forget to add sanitizer to your necessity list, and always wash your hands or use sanitizer before having your food. Littering around can ruin the camping site and make it unhygienic, so use a polythene bag to collect the wastes.

Set up tent before dark

A good shelter is the most important part of camping. A shelter will protect you from the wandering wild animals and weather elements, so first of all, you should create a proper shelter. Make sure that your tent is set before the dark as most animals roam around mostly after sunset. In case the campsite is likely to have rainfalls, your tent must be waterproof.

Don’t leave trace

Not only your recreation is important, but you must take care of nature too, and leave the ecosystem undisturbed. Always clean up the area after the meal and try to keep food high above the ground. If you have lit a campfire, put off the fire before going to sleep or leaving. This way you can enjoy your weekend as well as protect and preserve the campsite for future.


Exposing yourself to the open nature is not as easy as it sounds. Camping is an exciting and thrilling idea at the same time. You can enjoy to the fullest but remember not to exploit the environment. Be safe and keep safe!

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