Mild Rotary Laser Level – Bosch GRL400HCK Review

Bosch products have been some of the most popular products when being applied to different sites and for their own geological and construction purposes. Each of the products are designed for more a practical approach to some of the more tedious and daunting tasks of the day. With some added innovation and some increased imagination, this product seems to have cut some corners when it comes to measuring. The reviews are mostly beneficial, and you might see why. Let’s begin.

What is the Bosch Self Leveling Laser?

Bosch has been a leader in constructing devices that are responsible for measuring technology and consistently pushing the boundaries when it comes to laser technology. Usually known for quality and long lasting tools this company is relied on by construction companies around the world. Companies and people alike have learned to apply the technologies while conserving some time for their own duties and making things a bit more productive. While Bosch can provide quality, sometimes they do hit some snags along the way. Still, the thing is with this company is that most of the snags are often fixable on site and don’t require any advanced trained assistance. They also offer a warranty that can be demanded upon purchase that adds to its value.

Bosch GRL400HCK is built to be the most simplistic and consistent measuring device that will self-regulate according to the aim it is pointing at. So far, it has done everything that it said it was going to do, and there hasn’t been a need for the warranty to come into play. These are some of the specifications.

The Specifications of the Bosch GRL400HCK

This dual laser system is unique to Bosch with some horizontal lasers with some indoor and outdoor applications. Pendulum leveling and sensors determine an out of level condition that lock when the device is turned off. It has a remote range of about 500 feet, which comes in handy when people are surveying, beam customization with three types of speeds at 350,600 and 1200 revolutions per minute. It is IP56 certified and operates with a single button for a fast startup in case there is a hurry. The price often ranges between $589.99 and $669.00 depending on where you buy the product. The alignment of the product allows for motorized replacement and will adjust accordingly.

The Consensus

Weighing in at only 17.5 pounds this dual-laser device doesn’t have many things wrong with it. It lasts, and it provides a quality product for the price and doesn’t seem to fall even for that wear and tear result. It provides that same consistent performance day in and day out. The batteries are included with the purchase, and they last about 40 hours. If there is anything detractive to say about this topic, it does ride in between categories. If you want to buy something with a little bit higher quality, it wouldn’t be that much of a different in the price.Accuracy is more than a person needs in order to grade an actual foundation and there are other options available that provide the quality and the consistency without the total accuracy that could cause expectations to rise if something were to happen.

Some of the best rotary laser level around. The Bosch GRL400HCK outperforms a lot of its counterparts and does provide a consistent tool to work with. Aside from the weight, which is average and required in order to offer some of the leverage, this product is, all in all, a winner. But, at that price, there are some others to consider as well which makes it a tougher choice.


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