How to choose the best plasma cutter

plasma cutter

Plasma cutters can in fact do wonders in cutting out metal and plastic sheets into desired shapes.  One can use the best plasma cutter to slice down bigger sheets into thin strips or even create elaborate art works from bigger metal blocks.  These high quality plasma cutters can in fact never let you down.  The plasma cutters can last for years giving good value for money.  These devices require lesser maintenance and are not so expensive.  There are so many products that are available in the market and it is always tough to find out the best that will work the best for you.

 The utility:

It is always advised to choose a plasma cutter that has got very narrow jet.  To maintain the accuracy it is very necessary to have a narrow jet to carry out the extremely delicate work.  A narrow jet will in fact help in providing a considerable amount of precision in the work.  At the same times wide jets can be used mostly in shearing process for large sheets.  It has been noticed that these can sometimes reach unacceptable level of wastage.  One has to be extremely careful while using these machines for plastic sheets.  Plastics are found to be extremely susceptible to the heat and can readily melt away a lot of it when exposed to this much high level of heat.  It is better to get the narrow jet plasma cutters when the work is on plastics as they are always bound to melt away a lot of plastic than that is necessary.  A good plasma cutter reviews will provide all the details of its usage and its limitations.

Energy consumption:

It is necessary to know about the energy consumption of the best plasma cutter.  One has to know about the amount of energy that it will consume when it is at its full ampere.  The users of the machine also have the option to turn down the amperage of the machine especially when they are slicing down thinner sheets of metal or blocks.  Even though this does not affect the performance of the machine it can save a lot of electricity that these devices can consume during its operation.  The plasma cutter reviews would give all the details regarding the best usage options that can have the work done efficiently at the same time saving a lot on electricity.

Solid and sturdy:

These best plasma cutter has been a workhorse for many years now.  These machines are often found to be fully welded and rock solid.  They can easily handle heavy plates that are more than 2 inches in thickness on a daily basis.  Now a day there are also many machines that are out in the market that can be specifically used for heavy duty. This device does not require any pre heating so it is easy for the torch to begin cutting immediately.  The plasma cutters always make less of a mess than the oxy fuel cutters and they are able to cut through metals of any type and size.  They are very user friendly and can be used in the case of many metal application works.

Very user friendly and easy to handle:

All the professionals who work in this industry would readily agree that this instrument is easy to handle than the handle band saws or the cutting shears.  Plasma cutters are not only expensive than the shears but also at the same time does not make any clear cuts as well.  It is always wise to clearly know about the area of usage as it is better to have the details of the type and the thickness of the metal that one would be using most of the time.  There are also options to select the type of air or gas that are needed for the cutter.  One can also make decision on the type of nozzle size as well.  For better understanding if one can go through various plasma cutter reviews that can give more light in to the handling and usage of plasma cutters.

 The three types of plasma cutters:

The best plasma cutter is basically rated into three different types   and they are the rated cut, quality cut and also the sever cut.  The rated cut always makes an incision of up to 10 inches per minute.  The quality cut has the option to cut the thicker metals at a slow rate for up to 10 inches per minute whereas the sever cut can cut the thickest of the metals.  The set up of these cutters are really easy and one can easily follow the manual.  The procedure basically involves attaching the cutter to an air compressor.  They are both plugged in and turned on and the device is ready to use.  One has to make sure that they wear proper safety glasses and follow all the guidelines while using this machine.


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