Best Marine Batteries


Marine batteries are one of the important materials for a fishing business. Every boat owner wants to have the best type. The budget also matters equally. If one owns trolling motor, batteries are the vital parts of it.  Most of the Marine batteries have 12 volts of power. Some also use marine solar panels along with the batteries. The very important features that differentiate the batteries are;

  • Chemistry
  • life span
  • Characteristics and size.

Given below are some of the best marine batteries;

Marine deep cycle Batteries

Marine deep cycle batteries are designed for a long time use. These steadily discharge power for a long period. Marine deep cycle batteries contain thicker plates than other batteries and can discharge time to time up to 80%, which make the marine deep cycle batteries better than the all purpose batteries or starting batteries. These are the best for a trolling motor and are considered an ideal choice.

The lifespan of the marine deep cycle batteries are up to 8 years or more. Maintenance is necessary, lead acids are filled in the deep cycle marine batteries. Often check of the distilled water level is must.

Some of the marine deep cycle batteries are optima deep cycle, NAPA deep cycle and interstate DCM.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

Absorbed glass mat batteries are also called AGM batteries. These batteries have a very unique characteristic, of having a glass mat made of fine boron silicate. A very good choice for marine boating as these don’t leak acids. In case the boat capsizes, the battery won’t leak any electrolytes even if it is turned upside down, as these types of batteries are completely sealed with pressurized caps making those safe for marine boating. AGM batteries can resist the most extreme climatic conditions, as these batteries are protected from corrosion and these have a great resistance to oil and gas exposure. The discharge amount is very less.

AGM batteries are maintenance free, virtually and last for at least 4 to 8 years. These batteries are twice costlier than the rest of the standard batteries and one can rely on the batteries.

Some of the best selling AGM batteries are west marine AGM 92, Excide dual purpose AGM and North Star AGM.

Lithium Marine Batteries

Lithium marine batteries are the newest available batteries in the market. These are the latest model in the history of marine batteries, having lighter weight than that of the AGM batteries or the lead acid batteries.

The lithium marine batteries have a lot of extra features like voltage control, reverse polarity prevention, short circuit prevention and balancing charge. In comparison to other batteries, these batteries are a green alternative. The lithium marine batteries are maintenance is hardly necessary, and the Lithium marine batteries have all the new technologies, but these are way more expensive than the other batteries. These batteries give better performance with high durability deep charge. These batteries are used in speed boats like Jet Ski and are also used in large cargo ships. Lithium marine batteries are the best choice for environmentally concerned persons.

Some of the best lithium marine batteries are MLI ultra and Master volt Li-ion.

No matter how good the batteries are, the most important part is maintenance and usages. The batteries should be checked regularly and charged when required. For the Lead acid batteries, distilled water check should be done often, for giving those long spans of life. The top of the battery needs to be cleaned regularly. During winters, the battery should be charged routinely. If the battery is not used often, there is a chance of losing its life span and power.

Everything works at its best, when maintained properly. So, one must always take care of the things that are important.

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