Weekend Camping Tips

Weekend Camping Tips

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Camping is loved by people of all ages who desire some recreation in life. Whether a weekend trip or an adventure, camping offers people an opportunity to live and enjoy a simple life isolated from the busy crowd.

If you are planning a camping trip, you must be known to the fact that you are going to be exposed to nature and wild. More of all the most important thing about camping is you must be prepared for it. Here are certain things that should be remembered if you are going camping.

Pack all the necessities

Whether it’s a single day trip or more, you should take all the necessary things along. Make sure you have the basic things required for a proper camping; for example, tent, food, water, season-based sleeping bag, lighter, proper clothing and other materials that you feel would be necessary. If it’s winter time don’t forget to pack along warm clothes.

Keep First Aid Kit

As you are going to the wilderness, you must go prepared. Some may get unwell or there might certain accidents, so you should always take along a first aid kit containing all the medicinal accessories such as medicines, bandages, antiseptic lotion, sprain spray, anti-venom ointment, etc. The first aid kit should also work as survival kit during the emergency, so add along few eatables, tissue, torch, GPS and lighter.

Don’t be lost

If you are going with friends, always stick together because if anybody gets lost, the whole weekend will turn into a nightmare. In case children and pets are going along, take extra care not to let them wander off alone. Always carry a GPS or mobile phone. If needed keep a notebook with all important contacts.

Maintain hygiene

The wild is full of bugs, insects and poisonous plants, so try to maintain distance from those. Don’t forget to add sanitizer to your necessity list, and always wash your hands or use sanitizer before having your food. Littering around can ruin the camping site and make it unhygienic, so use a polythene bag to collect the wastes.

Set up tent before dark

A good shelter is the most important part of camping. A shelter will protect you from the wandering wild animals and weather elements, so first of all, you should create a proper shelter. Make sure that your tent is set before the dark as most animals roam around mostly after sunset. In case the campsite is likely to have rainfalls, your tent must be waterproof.

Don’t leave trace

Not only your recreation is important, but you must take care of nature too, and leave the ecosystem undisturbed. Always clean up the area after the meal and try to keep food high above the ground. If you have lit a campfire, put off the fire before going to sleep or leaving. This way you can enjoy your weekend as well as protect and preserve the campsite for future.


Exposing yourself to the open nature is not as easy as it sounds. Camping is an exciting and thrilling idea at the same time. You can enjoy to the fullest but remember not to exploit the environment. Be safe and keep safe!

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Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Review


Davis instrument 6250 vantage vue is as a great weather station capable of certain exceptional qualities. It is easy to install and use. This personal weather station is capable of making weather comparisons over a 25-day period, which enables future forecasts easy and precise. It has a wireless transmission distance of approximately 1000 feet. Wind chill and heat are updated every 10 seconds which is a remarkable feature. Also overall weather conditions are refreshed every 2-3 seconds.

Its sensor has a durable cover for protection against effecting elements. It uses solar power, which is also used to augment battery life. This weather station creates graph for previous 25 hours which lets you compare previous weather conditions with present conditions.

This brilliant device warns you about floods and rains. It is also capable of displaying phases of moon, which is its unique feature. You can set date and time on this personal weather station. It can also measure both indoor and outdoor temperature. Outdoor temperature ranges from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is updated every 10 seconds along with outdoor humidity. Humidity can be measured from 0 to 100 percent every minute, which is commendable about it. To enhance accuracy and preciseness of its measurements, it has a bubble level incorporated in the sensor. It also helps in data collection and distribution.

It has a self-emptying tipping spoon mechanism to free the collected rain by this wireless device. The anemometer is capable of measuring wind speed from 2 mph – 180 mph, which gets updated every 2-3 seconds.

The Davis Instruments vantage vue 6250 weather station has a glowing keyboard, which also gets lit up in dark, making the device easy to use in dark. So this is a diverse device which can be used anywhere at any time.  It has attractive icons, which display the collected information in a beautiful and unique manner, making it easy for user to understand the forecasts. It has many extra exceptional features, which define its capability of multi-usage. Its user friendly features and display makes it best for use.

Some Additional brilliant features

Some additional brilliant features of this great device are described below:

  • It is capable of displaying both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • It can display dew point.
  • It can measure and display average rainfall and rain rate.
  • It updates every 2.5 seconds which is 10 times faster than other weather stations.
  • It has stored energy backup, which is one of its unique features.
  • It is easy to use and understand due to its attractive icons and backlit LCD screen having dimensions 3 X 4.38”
  • It is capable of measuring wind speed. Lower range of wind speed could be as low as 2 mph and higher range could be as high as 150 mph. This outstanding feature adds a lot to its value.
  • It has a radio spectrum for data transmission.
  • It is capable of displaying multiple onscreen graphs up to 50, which help in comparing current weather conditions with past weather conditions.
  • This brilliant device has a wireless transmission range of approximately 1000 feet.
  • This weather station contains a weather link software for data storage.
  • It contains a weather monitoring system with ISS and mounting hardware for which mounting pole is separately sold.
  • Its console displays sunrise, sunset along with the capability of setting alarm.
  • It is capable of displaying you the previous weather at any time of the day, this makes the comparison easy and lets you make accurate decisions due to its precise and accurate forecasts.
  • You can personalize its display features as per your convenience.
  • These are designed and made in USA with a 1-year warranty.

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Best Marine Batteries


Marine batteries are one of the important materials for a fishing business. Every boat owner wants to have the best type. The budget also matters equally. If one owns trolling motor, batteries are the vital parts of it.  Most of the Marine batteries have 12 volts of power. Some also use marine solar panels along with the batteries. The very important features that differentiate the batteries are;

  • Chemistry
  • life span
  • Characteristics and size.

Given below are some of the best marine batteries;

Marine deep cycle Batteries

Marine deep cycle batteries are designed for a long time use. These steadily discharge power for a long period. Marine deep cycle batteries contain thicker plates than other batteries and can discharge time to time up to 80%, which make the marine deep cycle batteries better than the all purpose batteries or starting batteries. These are the best for a trolling motor and are considered an ideal choice.

The lifespan of the marine deep cycle batteries are up to 8 years or more. Maintenance is necessary, lead acids are filled in the deep cycle marine batteries. Often check of the distilled water level is must.

Some of the marine deep cycle batteries are optima deep cycle, NAPA deep cycle and interstate DCM.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

Absorbed glass mat batteries are also called AGM batteries. These batteries have a very unique characteristic, of having a glass mat made of fine boron silicate. A very good choice for marine boating as these don’t leak acids. In case the boat capsizes, the battery won’t leak any electrolytes even if it is turned upside down, as these types of batteries are completely sealed with pressurized caps making those safe for marine boating. AGM batteries can resist the most extreme climatic conditions, as these batteries are protected from corrosion and these have a great resistance to oil and gas exposure. The discharge amount is very less.

AGM batteries are maintenance free, virtually and last for at least 4 to 8 years. These batteries are twice costlier than the rest of the standard batteries and one can rely on the batteries.

Some of the best selling AGM batteries are west marine AGM 92, Excide dual purpose AGM and North Star AGM.

Lithium Marine Batteries

Lithium marine batteries are the newest available batteries in the market. These are the latest model in the history of marine batteries, having lighter weight than that of the AGM batteries or the lead acid batteries.

The lithium marine batteries have a lot of extra features like voltage control, reverse polarity prevention, short circuit prevention and balancing charge. In comparison to other batteries, these batteries are a green alternative. The lithium marine batteries are maintenance is hardly necessary, and the Lithium marine batteries have all the new technologies, but these are way more expensive than the other batteries. These batteries give better performance with high durability deep charge. These batteries are used in speed boats like Jet Ski and are also used in large cargo ships. Lithium marine batteries are the best choice for environmentally concerned persons.

Some of the best lithium marine batteries are MLI ultra and Master volt Li-ion.

No matter how good the batteries are, the most important part is maintenance and usages. The batteries should be checked regularly and charged when required. For the Lead acid batteries, distilled water check should be done often, for giving those long spans of life. The top of the battery needs to be cleaned regularly. During winters, the battery should be charged routinely. If the battery is not used often, there is a chance of losing its life span and power.

Everything works at its best, when maintained properly. So, one must always take care of the things that are important.

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Mild Rotary Laser Level – Bosch GRL400HCK Review

Bosch products have been some of the most popular products when being applied to different sites and for their own geological and construction purposes. Each of the products are designed for more a practical approach to some of the more tedious and daunting tasks of the day. With some added innovation and some increased imagination, this product seems to have cut some corners when it comes to measuring. The reviews are mostly beneficial, and you might see why. Let’s begin.

What is the Bosch Self Leveling Laser?

Bosch has been a leader in constructing devices that are responsible for measuring technology and consistently pushing the boundaries when it comes to laser technology. Usually known for quality and long lasting tools this company is relied on by construction companies around the world. Companies and people alike have learned to apply the technologies while conserving some time for their own duties and making things a bit more productive. While Bosch can provide quality, sometimes they do hit some snags along the way. Still, the thing is with this company is that most of the snags are often fixable on site and don’t require any advanced trained assistance. They also offer a warranty that can be demanded upon purchase that adds to its value.

Bosch GRL400HCK is built to be the most simplistic and consistent measuring device that will self-regulate according to the aim it is pointing at. So far, it has done everything that it said it was going to do, and there hasn’t been a need for the warranty to come into play. These are some of the specifications.

The Specifications of the Bosch GRL400HCK

This dual laser system is unique to Bosch with some horizontal lasers with some indoor and outdoor applications. Pendulum leveling and sensors determine an out of level condition that lock when the device is turned off. It has a remote range of about 500 feet, which comes in handy when people are surveying, beam customization with three types of speeds at 350,600 and 1200 revolutions per minute. It is IP56 certified and operates with a single button for a fast startup in case there is a hurry. The price often ranges between $589.99 and $669.00 depending on where you buy the product. The alignment of the product allows for motorized replacement and will adjust accordingly.

The Consensus

Weighing in at only 17.5 pounds this dual-laser device doesn’t have many things wrong with it. It lasts, and it provides a quality product for the price and doesn’t seem to fall even for that wear and tear result. It provides that same consistent performance day in and day out. The batteries are included with the purchase, and they last about 40 hours. If there is anything detractive to say about this topic, it does ride in between categories. If you want to buy something with a little bit higher quality, it wouldn’t be that much of a different in the price.Accuracy is more than a person needs in order to grade an actual foundation and there are other options available that provide the quality and the consistency without the total accuracy that could cause expectations to rise if something were to happen.

Some of the best rotary laser level around. The Bosch GRL400HCK outperforms a lot of its counterparts and does provide a consistent tool to work with. Aside from the weight, which is average and required in order to offer some of the leverage, this product is, all in all, a winner. But, at that price, there are some others to consider as well which makes it a tougher choice.


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Choose The Best Welding Method

Welding is a joining process employed to melt and join metals and thermoplastics. Almost all types of metals and thermoplastics can be welded by using different welding process.   By definition, welding is defined as a sculptural or fabrication process. The process is completed by causing coalescence.   The process is completed by filling the joining point with a metal or melting the two pieces together to become a unit of molten material. One of the popular welding is Metal insert gas welding which also known as MIG welding. Only a best mig welder can give you the perfect finishing and versatility. A best mig welder will be handy in dealing with aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel welding.
welding method

A best tig welder technician must have some idea about different types of welding.   Because in projects, there will be different type of welding have to be employed. It won’t practically possible to employ different type of welders in a project. The types of welding have to be selected as per the project requirement. If the project required only a low cost welding and required to weld some pipes and tubes, it is better to engage with Gas Welding.   This is an old type of welding which is also known as Oxy Acetylene Welding.

TIG and MIG welders are required good experience.   The qualities of the welding are much higher than that of electron beam welding or shielded metal arc welding.   TIG and MIG welding are used by large industrial houses and now a day home welders are also using these types of welding.  When you choose between TIG and MIG welding an experienced best tig welder technician can explain you to consider the factors choose the best welding method.  In general, MIG welding is involved high maintenance and the start up expenses is high.

It is quite interesting to go through the history of welding. With available historical evidences, the welding techniques seen developed during Bronze Age and Iron Age.   The technology that led to modern welding has been started by the invention of metal electrode by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1801 when he invented electrical arc.   This technology was further enhanced by Nikolai Slavyanov with the invention of electrodes in the year 1880.   The welding technology leaped further with the introduction of resistance welding, oxy-fuel welding, thermite welding and arc welding.   The World War I and World War II contributed much more improvements in the welding technology.

During the Second World War and after the War there were tremendous development happened in the welding technology. Stud welding and submerged welding were developed after Second World War and these welding technologies are very popular and have been using for various applications. Welding process has to be considered as per the application requirements and each welding technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the most popular welding process and its uses are given hereunder:

  • MIG Welding: This is the short form of Metal inert gas welding, which is also known as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). This is a fast welding process and with proven versatile qualities. MIG Welding is suitable for mild steel welding, stainless steel welding and aluminum welding. A best mig welder can give required satisfactory results.
  • SMAW Welding: Shielded metal arc welding in short is called as SMAW welding which is done by using stick arc welding rod.   This is commonly used in home welding and an easy process and easy to master the technique.
  • Oxy Acetylene Welding: This also known as Gas Welding and also used for metal cutting purpose. This is one of the oldest welding techniques mainly used during repair works, sheet welding, patching works, welding tubes and pipes. For this welding Oxygen and Acetylene gases mixed through a nozzle and flamed to produce heat.
  • Resistance Welding: For this no filler is required and its production rate is very high.   In this method heat resistance is generated from two or more metals.   The welding is very energy efficient but the weld strength is very low.   So this is good for only where there is only low strength is required.
  • TIG Welding: Tungsten inert welding is known as TIG welding and in other words it is called as GTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding) and good for joining two pieces together.   For this welding process tungsten electrode and inert gas are used along with filler material. Filler material is placed between the pieces to be welded.   The result of TIG welding can produce high quality welding and hence only a best tig welder can produce the required result.

There are so many factors to be considered while selecting the best method of welding suitable for your requirements. As every welding type is not suitable for all welding requirements select the best welding process by evaluating the defects and merits. In MIG welding, in the merit side you will have effectiveness, easy to master, extra low hydrogen, high deposition rate, less cleaning, faster welding time, low skill requirements, no wastage of time, good weld result and in defects you will have high maintenance cost, initial high set up cost, more sparks and smokes, stable atmospheric conditions.

In TIG welding, you will have good quality welding, less sparks and smokes, auto genous welding, can be used in all type of metals and in the defect side, you will have skilled welder requirements, costly equipments, longer welding time and complex welding process.

Right process, right energy and other factors will be the deciding factor to select the best welding method for your work.



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How to choose the best plasma cutter

plasma cutter

Plasma cutters can in fact do wonders in cutting out metal and plastic sheets into desired shapes.  One can use the best plasma cutter to slice down bigger sheets into thin strips or even create elaborate art works from bigger metal blocks.  These high quality plasma cutters can in fact never let you down.  The plasma cutters can last for years giving good value for money.  These devices require lesser maintenance and are not so expensive.  There are so many products that are available in the market and it is always tough to find out the best that will work the best for you.

 The utility:

It is always advised to choose a plasma cutter that has got very narrow jet.  To maintain the accuracy it is very necessary to have a narrow jet to carry out the extremely delicate work.  A narrow jet will in fact help in providing a considerable amount of precision in the work.  At the same times wide jets can be used mostly in shearing process for large sheets.  It has been noticed that these can sometimes reach unacceptable level of wastage.  One has to be extremely careful while using these machines for plastic sheets.  Plastics are found to be extremely susceptible to the heat and can readily melt away a lot of it when exposed to this much high level of heat.  It is better to get the narrow jet plasma cutters when the work is on plastics as they are always bound to melt away a lot of plastic than that is necessary.  A good plasma cutter reviews will provide all the details of its usage and its limitations.

Energy consumption:

It is necessary to know about the energy consumption of the best plasma cutter.  One has to know about the amount of energy that it will consume when it is at its full ampere.  The users of the machine also have the option to turn down the amperage of the machine especially when they are slicing down thinner sheets of metal or blocks.  Even though this does not affect the performance of the machine it can save a lot of electricity that these devices can consume during its operation.  The plasma cutter reviews would give all the details regarding the best usage options that can have the work done efficiently at the same time saving a lot on electricity.

Solid and sturdy:

These best plasma cutter has been a workhorse for many years now.  These machines are often found to be fully welded and rock solid.  They can easily handle heavy plates that are more than 2 inches in thickness on a daily basis.  Now a day there are also many machines that are out in the market that can be specifically used for heavy duty. This device does not require any pre heating so it is easy for the torch to begin cutting immediately.  The plasma cutters always make less of a mess than the oxy fuel cutters and they are able to cut through metals of any type and size.  They are very user friendly and can be used in the case of many metal application works.

Very user friendly and easy to handle:

All the professionals who work in this industry would readily agree that this instrument is easy to handle than the handle band saws or the cutting shears.  Plasma cutters are not only expensive than the shears but also at the same time does not make any clear cuts as well.  It is always wise to clearly know about the area of usage as it is better to have the details of the type and the thickness of the metal that one would be using most of the time.  There are also options to select the type of air or gas that are needed for the cutter.  One can also make decision on the type of nozzle size as well.  For better understanding if one can go through various plasma cutter reviews that can give more light in to the handling and usage of plasma cutters.

 The three types of plasma cutters:

The best plasma cutter is basically rated into three different types   and they are the rated cut, quality cut and also the sever cut.  The rated cut always makes an incision of up to 10 inches per minute.  The quality cut has the option to cut the thicker metals at a slow rate for up to 10 inches per minute whereas the sever cut can cut the thickest of the metals.  The set up of these cutters are really easy and one can easily follow the manual.  The procedure basically involves attaching the cutter to an air compressor.  They are both plugged in and turned on and the device is ready to use.  One has to make sure that they wear proper safety glasses and follow all the guidelines while using this machine.


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